You Are My Refuge

Voicing: SATB

Composer: Michael John Trotta

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You Are My Refuge

This stunningly expressive a cappella work was commissioned for a vast number of high school choir programs forced to cancel concerts due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Inspiring and reflective, the rich harmonies capture both a sense of poignancy and hope. An optional descant soars above the choir, adding a sense of expansiveness: “Your voice brings hope!” Over 200 singers from five high schools coast to coast learned the piece separately using part-dominant tracks and recorded their performances for the virtual choir premiere.

You are my refuge and my strength.
You shelter me from every care.

I will not fear when the ground shakes
Or mountains fall into the sea.
I will not fear when oceans roar
Or mountains shake from swelling tide.

There is a river, filled with life,
A sacred place in which you dwell.
Within its streams I find you there,
I find your help at break of dawn.

Though nations fear and kingdoms fade
Your voice brings hope at break of dawn.
You are with me, my very hope,
My refuge, fortress, and my strength.

Be still and know that I am, Be still and know.
Be still, Be.

The piece was commissioned to bring hope and comfort to the over 100,000 public and private high school choir programs throughout the United States who were forced to close and cancel concerts, musical production performances, and events due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Five high schools came together from coast to coast to perform the premiere of You Are My Refuge – Virtual Choir, and make this dream a reality. Discover other titles by the composer.

In Memory of John Corely

Dedicated to the memory of John Corley

Commissioned by the Oak Park High School Choir, Oak Park, CA 2019-20

JOHN CORLEY loved the Oak Park High School Choir, where his two daughters sang for four years. He would regularly volunteer his time and was always sure to arrive at concerts at least an hour early, because he had to have the best seats in the house. It is in this spirit that John’s family chose to contribute a donation raised in his memory to the OPHS Choir to support music-making for years to come. John passed away from cancer in May 2019, but his light and memory will never fade. We wish to express our thanks for his wife, Rosalie and two daughters, Alexandra and Francesca for supporting this project so that John’s love of music can be shared with choirs all around the world.